3 hr Intensive Workshop for Women

workshops benefits:

mindfulness techniques to alleviate daily anxieties

self-care, compassion & inner healing

purpose & passion

restore balance, vitality & wellbeing

connect deeply with your inner wisdom

be inspired & connect with other like-minded women

Re-ignite your inner spirit

A personal workshop specifically to clarify your current life picture, and discover why you are where you are right now...it may not be why you think :-) 

Now, let's look at your future...not sure where you want to go? That's OK! Together we will re-discover and re-ignite your inner passion, spirit & purpose!

Through fun, experiential and empowering activities, you'll come out with a clear view and plan to take you on the amazing life journey you have ahead.

3 hrs / $289
+ 30 min break with light refreshments
Book Online & Receive A Gift Bag (valued at $130)

Manifest your dreams

Do you dream about where you'd like to go and things you'd like to do, but just don't know how to make those ideas and dreams a reality? Something tells you not to give up on your dreams, are they always there niggling at the back or your mind?

This personal, fun, hands-on workshop is about discovery, transformation, about creating a vision and bringing it easily to life!

3 hrs / $269

30 min break with light refreshments


Book Online & Receive a Gift Bag (valued at $130

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