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Waterside Women


Mizu was established in 2005, with the sole focus to provide women with a nurturing, secure space to relax, heal & grow.

All women have a story. Connecting & sharing is how women empower themselves & each other. This has been a tradition among women all over the world since the beginning of ages.


Relax - choose from a selection of therapies such as massage, aromatherapy or guided meditation. 

Heal - immerse yourself in one-on-one coaching or enjoy an experiential workshop where you can connect with other like minded women.

Grow - Let go of what is holding you back, learn how to experience calm and invite happiness into your everyday. Our therapies are provided to facilitate your personal growth. 

All services are provided confidentially and by women.

Owner operator Angela Hall (BA) shares her extensive 20 yr+ experience with one-on-one clients & workshop attendees in the areas of health and wellness, aromatic therapies, self-care, personal healing & growth. 

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