Womens Wellness Coaching

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"dis-ease is in essence the result of conflict between

soul & mind"

                                              - Dr Bach

Mizu provides supportive, effective, and result driven life coaching for women.

Sessions are guaranteed to get you back on track again & positively moving forward with the tools you require for personal happiness, success & growth.

3 x 45 min sessions in which we cover:

- your current circumstance & where you would like to really be

-how you can quickly & effectively get the right outcome 

At the end of your 3 sessions you will have a clear picture & road map on how to move forward & maintain momentum, the tools & techniques to keep you on track.

Sessions available online or in person.

Intro session 45mins - $99

3 x 45min sessions (to be scheduled within 10 weeks) - $290

3 x 60min sessions (to be scheduled within 10 weeks) - $375