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Energy & Emotions Balancing Aromatherapy
Relaxation Massage 

When our energy centres are aligned & function optimally, we experience an abundance of energy, stable emotions, clarity & lasting inner calm.

These massage and aromatherapy sessions are ideal for those experiencing burn out, fatigue, stress, anxiety or sadness.

Restore your inner sense of balance and calm.

Essential Relaxation Massage

back, shoulders, neck, head & face

Be transported to a state of deep relaxation with this signature treatment. Using pure, aromatic essential oils, this massage will release deeply held tension & stress in the back, shoulders, neck, head & face.

Also included is a soothing facial massage using a luscious ayurvedic face oil to brighten and nourish skin.

A soothing, hydrating eye treatment is also included in the 75min treatment.

Leave feeling calm, refreshed, & smelling divine!

45mins - $109   I   60 mins -  $139   I   75mins - $159

Massage Oils.jpg
reiki smile.jpg

Relaxed & Calm

Head Massage

Discover a deeply relaxing and centering experience. Your therapist will provide a neck, head, & scalp massage, as well as hands. Followed by placement of hot stones, 

aligning calming reiki or guided relaxation.

45 mins - $119

60 mins - $155

*Receive a Stone Therapy Bracelet -$49rrp

crystal therapy facial.jpg

Crystal Therapy Facial Massage

Be totally transported to inner calm and tranquility.

Using exquisite crystals and  stones, this facial massage will help to relieve tension and have you feeling totally relaxed.

Then indulge in a luscious, soothing face mask and eye treatment.

Included is guided relaxation or reiki for an overall aligning and calming experience.

Feel centered, refreshed and


45 mins - $139

60 mins - $165

*Receive a Stone Therapy Bracelet - $49rrp

W H A T   I S   R E I K I ?

Simply put, reiki therapy is a form of light touch that aims to increase relaxation and calm your nervous system and help promote a healthy flow of energy. 

The practitioner starts at the head, then works their way down the body in a series of hand placements lightly on or near the body, at some point in the session, the practitioner may have the client roll onto their stomach for work on the back.

Some experience warmth and tingling, some may fall into a light slumber during the session, but most experience a state of deeply calming meditation.

W H O   S H O U L D   

T R Y   I T ?

Anyone feeling off centre, or if you have tried conventional treatments, a more natural, holistic approach may work better for you. Unlike some medications to manage stress and anxiety, there are no known side effects, it is safe, gentle and effective and promotes true personal healing.

reki relax.jpg

 Aromatherapy for

Stress Relief

Commence with a 20min consult, than take a personal sensory journey, to explore a variety of luscious pure essential oils to specifically target deeply held stress, anxiety and tension.

After your aroma selection, your therapist will transport you with the placement of aromatic oils around energy centers to relieve stress.

Leave with added clarity & vitality.

45 mins - $129

60 mins - $165

*Receive a Stone Therapy Bracelet - $49 rrp

Deep Aromatic Relax.jpg

Your Personal Healing & Relaxation Journey!

Take time with your personal wellness coach to discuss & explore what is holding you stuck.Immerse yourself in energy balancing visualization, reiki & guided relaxation. Clear your mind, relax your body & uplift the spirit!

Included is your choice of a take home stone-therapy bracelet (rrp $49) or 20ml pure essential oil blend (rrp $39)

60 mins - $159

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