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Wellness Services
for Women


Approach & Vision

A holistic, nurturing and personal approach ensures you will feel in control & inspired as you travel your life path to fulfil your personal healing & wellness desires.

Our services provide you the tools to facilitate a happier, heartfelt, more fulfilled life, providing balance in Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Choose from personal coaching, wellness workshops, aromatherapy or time out to re-charge with a relaxation massage therapy.

Wellness Services for Women

Mizu employs a holistic approach to womens wellness.

Mind, body, & spirit are interconnected.

Our services are designed to gently guide you back to

happiness, health & personal balance. 

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For Your Emotional Balance
Deeply Relaxing Therapies

Physically or emotionally off-centre?

Let your mind & body deeply relax & recharge during massage or in an energy aligning session.

Shift blocked energy that may be holding you back. 

Get clear and inspired to live your best year yet!

 Coaching Sessions

In a relaxed, confidential & caring environment tap into the resources you need to breakthrough in areas that may be holding you back from living optimally.


Womens Wellness Workshops


In a small relaxed group (max. 1 - 6), escape & indulge in a few relaxing and pampering, aromatic hours focussing on Inner Happiness & your Self Care.

All materials included & a special gift for you to take home! 

Client Reviews

"I always have such a pleasant experience and leave super relaxed. I would highly recommend this business." - Fae. 14.05.21

"This was the most lovely massage that I’ve had in a long time. In my 75 minutes of bliss, I felt like I was totally relaxed and floating in clouds. Highly recommend!
PS - the delicious tea was an added bonus"
Megan. 08.12.23

"I felt so relaxed after my treatment".
Trudi. 09.09.23

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